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Why Veneers Are Not Only for Hollywood’s Elite Anymore

July 11, 2023

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woman smiling with veneers in Arvada

Once upon a time, veneers were viewed as a service only the upper echelon of society could receive. Their unique materials and versatility to hide cosmetic imperfections made them a desirable treatment for many of Hollywood’s most elite clientele. However, times have changed, and now, virtually anyone can enjoy the benefits these custom tooth coverings can provide. Discover why veneers are no longer just for the rich and famous but are instead becoming one of the most popular cosmetic services available today.

When Did Veneers First Appear?

The discovery of veneers did not occur until 1928. It was a Hollywood actor who used them as part of a costume he wore for a film. At the time, the adhesive used to hold them in place was removable, making them an attractive addition to anyone in movies who wanted a quick smile transformation.

As time passed, acrylic veneers became the desired option; however, they were often damaged easily, which led to frequent replacements. To help the veneers stay in place longer, a new process was incorporated – one that is still used today – etching. By applying acid to the tooth enamel, it created a more attachable surface for the veneer to adhere to.

By 1982, some 54 years after their initial discovery, the etching technique morphed into a more reliable process. Using hydrofluoric acid, dentists would apply it to the surfaces of teeth before bonding agents helped to attach veneers into place. Once applied, the resin-like putty would spread into the etched tooth, allowing it to create a stronger, more reliable bond.

As a result, this process became viewed as a semi-permanent form of treatment, requiring patients to commit to veneers for a lifetime in order to maintain results.

How Are Today’s Veneers Different?

While much of the process remains the same as it did in the 1980s (i.e., etching and bonding), today’s veneers offer patients a much more natural and longer-lasting look. With advancements in dentistry and dental materials, those used today to craft customized veneers are stain-resistant. This is a welcome reality for patients who enjoy drinking their morning coffee. Not to mention, the materials look similar to regular tooth enamel, so it has become even harder for others to notice the difference between real and artificial teeth.

Unlike the early days of removable dentures, those used today can last a decade or more with optimal care.

Veneers are an ideal form of cosmetic treatment for anyone who is looking to transform and enhance their appearance. And because of their evolution over time, they are now more durable, long-lasting, and beautiful than ever before.

About the Author
Dr. Jeremiah Paylor is a trusted dentist in Arvada who is here to provide cosmetic dental services to patients living in and around Arvada. Using veneers to hide imperfections and boost appearances, he and his team construct beautiful smiles with careful hands. Working with top-of-the-line lab technicians to fabricate these customized restorations, Dr. Paylor can ensure that all patients who choose veneers will walk away feeling more confident in their smiles. Visit our website or call (720) 776-4900 to learn more about how you can get started.

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