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How Your Dentist is Using CAD/CAM Technology

January 13, 2024

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Dentistry has come a long way in the last few decades alone. Nowadays, many dentists have started using CAD/CAM technology in order to enhance their services. As a prime example, CAD/CAM instruments make it possible to design, create, and place dental crowns in just one appointment. Below you can learn more about CAD/CAM and the role it plays in modern dentistry.

What Exactly Is CAD/CAM Technology?

CAD and CAM are both computer-based tools. CAD is short for computer-aided design whereas CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing. They were first invented in 1957, but it wasn’t until 1985 that they started being used in the field of dentistry. In a dental context, CAD/CAM technology is largely used to create quality restorations in a highly efficient way.

Using CAD/CAM to Create Same-Day Dental Crowns

More and more dentists are using CAD/CAM to speed up the dental crown process. With the traditional approach, patients would normally have to wait at least a couple of weeks for a permanent crown to be made at a separate dental laboratory, and until then they would need to worry about wearing a temporary crown. But thanks to CAD/CAM, it is now possible to get a dental crown in just one appointment.

The process of getting a same-day crown involves these basic steps:

  • The tooth is carefully prepared to ensure that there is plenty of room for the restoration.
  • Your mouth is scanned in order to create a fully digital three-dimensional impression.
  • Your dentist uses state-of-the-art CAD-based software to design your crown.
  • A CAM-based milling unit creates the crown based on the design from the previous step.
  • Your dentist will examine the completed crown; if everything looks good, they will attach it to the prepared tooth.

What are the Advantages of CAD/CAM In the Dental Office?

When it comes to dentistry, one of the most obvious benefits of CAD/CAM is that it is a significant time-saver; you won’t have to worry about fitting multiple appointments into your schedule to have a crown placed. On top of that, CAD/CAM relies on digital impressions, which are highly accurate and make it easier to ensure that the final restoration fits properly. Furthermore, digital impressions don’t involve any putty, and many patients find them more comfortable than traditional impressions.

Modern technology makes many facets of our lives easier, and that’s just as true in the dentist’s office as anywhere else. Thanks to CAD/CAM, your dentist can make getting a dental crown to repair a tooth much less of a hassle for you.

About the Author

Dr. Jeramiah Paylor went to the University of Colorado for his dental education. He loves how being a dentist lets him help people in need while allowing him to work with his hands. His Arvada practice, West Arvada Family Dental, offers same-day dental crowns made with the™ CAD/CAM system. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Paylor, visit his website or call (720) 776-4900.

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